Royal Oak, MI – Water Damage Restoration, Mitigation, and Remediation Services     


Have you recently experienced flooding or some other type of water related problems in Royal Oak, Ferndale, or Madison Heights due to pipes bursting, roof leaks, or window leaks?

We understand this is an unsettling time for you right now because in the middle of dealing with other important life issues this happening is the last thing you want on your plate.

Here at Metro Detroit’s Water Damage Restoration Care Team we want send our emergency crew immediately to wipe your slate clean, reorganize, and get back to your daily routine.

If You Wait To Late, You Will Miss The Gate! 

While restoring your property post-damage we use a series of different advanced tools, modern technology, skill, and experienced technicians to get your home or business back to safety code, so when a property owner wishes to take it upon him or herself to fix the problem on their own (usually attempting to save money from hiring professionals) they inevitably experience disasterous results amounting to nearly 5x the cost for repairs and remodeling alone.

We’re than put in a position to be the bearers of bad news upon discovering that a property owner had known about the water issues for days, sometimes up to two weeks, attempting to unskillfully restore their property on their own.

This is cause for SERIOUS ATTENTION!


If you wait longer than 24 – 48hrs to contact us after water has made contact your property could be at RISK of being BEYOND mitigation requiring more costly removal, repair, and remodeling services!

This is not a one man job, even for us. We require an entire team and staff of knowledgeable individuals to get a single small property to its previous condition. It’s no easy task. Do not RISK your property on the gamble that you can do it on your own. No one realistically can even if tried.

In other words…

…don’t be a hero.

Contact the professionals with a track record of successful results to get the job done in a heartbeat.

We Are The Best Affordable Water Repair Contractors in Royal Oak, Ferndale and Madison Heights!     

If you’re searching for water restoration and repair services in your local area, look no further because we got you covered.

Contact us immediately by filling out the contact form to the right or below this page, click “REQUEST MY FREE ON-SITE INSPECTION”, and one of our dedicated office staffers will contact you within 12 – 24hrs to schedule a hassle-free in-home estimate!

Your community set the standard on beauty and structural integrity and we wish to help you preserve it by being the flood water restoration service you need to fix your problems now before it’s too late!


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