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When you’re challenged with water flooding your residential or commercial property you should be made aware that water is not the only threat to your personal items. The issue of mold becomes a real threat, not only to your belongings, but your entire property.

If you have a young family or employees you won’t legally be allowed to occupy your own space for health concerns and reliability issues. Thus, the only way to avoid these issues is to deal with water damage the moment it begins to occur. Even if a pipe sprung a leak for a only few minutes that’s more than enough water to seep through carpets, wood flooring, ceilings, and walls causing widespread damage over time.

What you may perceive to be a small problem will easily lead to the entire house being quarantined for mold and mildew. That’s a risk you don’t want to take and the #1 reason why contacting us immediately is your safest, surest bet.

Here’s Why We’re The Most Trusted Water Damage Remediation Service In Rochester Hills and Shelby Township 

We’ve trained our mitigation water crew to use industrial sized dehumidifiers, fans, chemicals, and specialized vacuum equipment to get your property dry in record time.

Years of experience has enabled us to get this down to a near perfect science and was the result of sheer hard work and determination to solve a common problem 1 in 5 households experience on a yearly basis in America. We wanted to be a solution to this problem that sometimes occurs when people are not at their residence to address immediately.

We don’t fuss over prices. We give an fair estimate to compensate for our crews time and you can rely on our initial quote for the job. No re-estimates, hidden fee’s, or extra unnecessary add-ons. We give you the service you need at affordable prices so you can get back to your daily normal life.

We Are The Best Affordable Water Repair Contractors in Rochester Hills and Shelby Township!     

If you’re searching for water restoration and repair services in your local area, look no further because we got you covered.

Contact us immediately by filling out the contact form to the right or bottom of this page, click “REQUEST MY FREE ON-SITE INSPECTION”, and one of our dedicated office staffers will contact you within 12 – 24hrs to schedule a hassle-free in-home estimate!

Your community set the standard on beauty and structural integrity and we wish to help you preserve it by being the flood water restoration service you need to fix your problems now before it’s too late!


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