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Did you know one in five homes experiences water damage to some degree each year?

Commercial, industrial, and retail storefronts are destroyed nearly as often.

Water is a strange beast.

The natural element that gives and sustains our lives, can also be the one element with potential to destroy it causing havoc along its path. That’s why when water comes into contact with your ceilings, floors, roof, or walls, it must be addressed quickly to mitigate destructive results and prevent a chain of devastating effects.

What you need is a certified structural drying company to turn a potentially devastating loss into a minor inconvenience at best. Sometimes we’re able to completely salvage water contacted areas, although that is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Why You Must Contact Us Now 

 Allowing your space to ‘air dry’ is a breeding ground for all kinds of unforeseeable costly problems down the road. A do-it-yourself project is out of the question, as tempting as it may seem to use a shop vacuum, or call an establishment that only has equipment for drying carpet.

Consider the fact the water is remarkably invasive. It’s never surface level and what you see is only 1/4th of the problem. It buckles walls, travels under base moldings and sill plates, easily goes through floor coverings into sub-floors, and even causes damage to rooms below the troubled areas.

To add insult to injury if humidity inside the building is not properly controlled, items not damaged from the onslaught of initial contact absorbs water moisture from the air like giving candy to a baby.

Lastly, structures that were not dried out properly with speed quickly becomes a food source for microbial growth, which is basically the fancy term for…


Like a fire that spreads quickly throughout causing massive damage within minutes, so too can water. They are both alike in their effective use when controlled, but when let out of its cage it can turn your home into rubble or a massive renovation project that may as well be an entirely new home from the ground up.

Do NOT allow water infiltration of your home get to this point. Stop it in its tracks while you can and contact us today!

We Are The Best Affordable Water Repair Contractors in Novi, Walled Lake, Wixom, and Northville!  

If you’re searching for water restoration services in your local area, look no further because we got you covered.

Contact us immediately by filling out the contact form to the right or below this page, click “REQUEST MY FREE ON-SITE INSPECTION”, and one of our dedicated office staffers will contact you within 12 – 24hrs to schedule a hassle-free in-home estimate!

This is a special time for people like you in the city of Novi, Walled Lake, Wixom, and Northville. Your community set the standard on beauty and structural integrity and we wish to help you preserve it by being

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