Water Damage Restoration, Mitigation, and Remediation Care in Detroit, Michigan - MI

Water Damage Restoration, Mitigation, and Remediation Care in Detroit, Michigan - MI


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Is water flooding your basement? Did your hardwood flooring come into contact with water because of broken or busted pipes? Are there unusually large wet spots on your carpet from a leaky roof?

The worst mistake home or business owners could make is if he or she has water damaged carpet or exposed hardwood floors to attempt to dry and fix the problem him or herself or let it ‘air dry’. Letting it air dry would work if a home wasn’t totally encased preventing air drying. Thus, moisture is trapped recirculating in the air.

Mildew and mold begin to form rather quickly, sometimes in as little as 48hrs depending on how bad the condition, causing the carpet to disintegrate, sheetrock to whiter away, and foul odors to be created if the problem is not swiftly handled.


There’s only one reason why you should. Trust. We know that if you trust our 15 years of experience, our exceptional customer service, our track record of success, our solid reputation, and our team to make your restoration process ease and effortless, we’ve done our job. It all comes down to the trust you’ve placed in us


When it comes to insurance claims on property damaged by water doing it alone can be a major pain in the ‘you-know-what’. In fact, we advise against it because they have a team of skilled negotiators and lawyers on their side to repudiate any claims made. Our estimators are skilled negotiators and will fight on your behalf to get the claim you deserve to keep you from paying as little out-of-pocket expenses as possible.


We’re largely known for our unique approach to conventional methods that we’ve discovered over the years to be more effective. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Our methods are consistent and they work with flying colors. 


When it comes to emergency situations (roof leaks, floor puddles, wet walls, etc.) we don’t pussyfoot around. We get our guys on the scene immediately to quickly assess your situation and take fast action to prevent any further damage from being done in the future. We believe in quality and speed of service to get the job done. 

Our #1 Mission Is THIS…

Ultimately, we’re here to EASE the burden and stress water damaged property can cause you and your family.

We aim for a non-intrusive approach to our water damage repair services. Water damage is bad enough, we don’t want you to feel your home can be ripped apart for any reason to fix it. Though things will need to be moved and shuffled around a bit to access the water damaged areas, we make great efforts to leave your place as if no one had been there at all.

The physical damage on property is expensive, but the emotional impact of this experience can sometimes cause the most pain. We’re sensitive to that and we have the experience to handle every unique situation, including your own.

The Stunning Truth About Water Restoration Companies They DON’T Want You To Know!

Here’s the reality. Water damage restoration companies aren’t perfect. People still operate this service industry and human error will occasionally take place. No big deal. If it can be fixed, it should be. But there are some ‘unforgivable circumstances’ that are due to arrogance, callousness, and outright laziness.

For example, many companies avoid clients with mold issues. Especially black mold. Us, on the other hand, will work with you.

Some big name companies we won’t name (rhymes with Saul Avis) are franchises that generally run their business like a fast food operation for the largest profit margin.

Other companies customer service agents can be rude and take for granted the amount of business they receive. Their attitude errs on the side of, “the highest paying projects come first” and are instructed to keep on a short leash the lower paying work just in case a project falls through.

Thankfully, there IS a solution to this madness…

…we guarantee your satisfaction our water restoration work or we won’t leave until everything is up to both our and your standard of quality!

Like A Souped Up Ford GT Mustang, We Leave ALL Our Competitors Behind In The Dust! 

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Need Professional Water Damage Restoration Services Today?

When it comes to home care and maintenance, leave nothing to chance. If you’ve recently come into contact with damp ceilings, wood floors, carpet, or drywall, odds are you’re facing a much deeper problem than you may initially suspect. A basic plumbing fix will prevent the problem, but what do you do when the damage has already been done?

Contact the Metro Detroit water restoration team to repair your flooded floors, molded ceilings and rotting drywall due to water contact.

A Water Damage Team Care Service You Can Trust In The City of the Greatest Car Industry In The World!   

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